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Brexit & Beyond - 30/09/2017
Like us, you are no doubt aware of the current turmoil in the financial markets.

This affect us directly as we purchase in Euro & Dollars.

We know that many fellow importers have increased there prices already and we are watching the market very carefuly, we have decided to keep the prices as they are at present but is being reviewed weekly.

Advisors are saying the pound is going to drop further in which case we would have no choice but to put prices up.

If we can hold the prices we will.

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Coloured Cake Boards             Cake Board/Combo           Hexagonal Boards                   Coloured Cake Boards                          Board & Box Pack Combo                                       



                                  Great Party Themes in store for you to choose

In the Night Garden - 23cm Paper Party Plates                   In the Night Garden - 180ml Paper Party Cups              In the Night Garden - 2ply Paper

Fiesta Party Large Paper Plates 27cm                     Fiesta Party Paper Cups 266ml              Fiesta Party Luncheon Napkins 33cm

Birthday Bright Plates - 25cm Paper Party Plates                        Birthday Bright Cups - 266ml Paper Party Cups                Birthday Bright Napkins - 2ply Paper

Sparkling Celebration Happy Birthday Prismatic Plates - 23cm Paper Party Plates                       Gold Sparkling Celebration Happy Birthday Luncheon Napkins - 2ply Paper                   Sparkling Celebration Happy Birthday Party Cups - 266ml Paper Party Cups 

      Emoji 22cm Paper Party Plates                Emoji Luncheon Napkins - 2ply Paper                   Emoji Cups - 255ml Paper Party Cups

      Backyard BBQ Oval Plates                  Backyard BBQ Party Napkins - Paper                 Backyard BBQ Cups - 255ml Paper Party Cups              


       First Holy Communion Blue Plates - 23cm Paper Party Plates                First Holy Communion Blue Paper Napkins - 33cm                  First Holy Communion Blue Cups - 266ml Paper Party Cups          


          50s Classic Plates - 26cm Paper Party Plates                50s Classic Napkins - 33cm Paper Party Napkins                 50s Classic Cups - 266ml Paper Party Cups

Harry Potter Plates - 17cm Paper Party Plates                          Harry Potter Luncheon Napkins - 33cm              Harry Potter Cups - 270ml Plastic Party Cups



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